Activision, the makers of the Call of Duty franchise, have rolled out a new social network specifically for C.O.D.  called Call of Duty: Elite.  Click through to read more about the new Call of Duty social network plus see a hilarious video explaining the new social network.

Serious Call of Duty gamers now have their own social network called Call of Duty: Elite, that will will allow players to form groups with just about anyone or clans with their friends, play in leagues, share videos of their best action to Facebook and YouTube, see detailed statistics on game play for themselves or their friends, win prizes, and much more.

In addition,   players will be able to see stats about their Call of Duty game play that is much like what you'd see on the back of a baseball card. Examples include winning percentage, kill/death ratios, the results of recent matches, and even a level calculator that estimates how many hours someone will have to play to reach a milestone. Other statistics include number of kills, headshots, assists, and more.

All in all, it looks pretty cool for people who want to keep an even closer eye on their stats as well as those they "pwn".

The launch of Call of Duty: Elite includes 'Black Ops' and in the future will include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

No word yet on how much Call of Duty: Elite will cost, but Activision has said it should be less than any comparable service like Xbox live or even Playstation Network.

So, if you're a die hard Call of Duty fan, check out Call of Duty: Elite.

Now, for this hilarious video explaining what "Elite" is.

(via Activision)