I saw a tragic story recently about a California family who died trying to save their dog after it jumped into the ocean.  The story made me wonder how many other people out there would do the same for their pet.  Are you one of them?

Apparently, a California family were playing fetch with their dog on the beach.  After a bit, the dog was pulled in by the over 10 foot waves along the beach.  A 16 year old boy jumped into the ocean to save the dog, followed by his father.  When the boy returned with no father, both the boy and the mother jumped in, but were pulled further into the ocean.  After rescuers recovered the mother's body, the father's body washed up on shore - but there was no sign of the boy.  The dog, however, survived.

I've seen quite a few stories like this where people will risk their own lives to save their pet.  Some survive, while others don't. They may be dogs, cats, snakes, or whatever, but, as a pet owner, they become part of your life, so it makes sense that any pet owner would want to protect them just as they would a child.

But, how far is too far?  Would you risk your own life to save your pet? Take our short poll below and feel free to comment as well.