Halloween is just around the corner so it's time to scare up a few costume ideas. Sure, you could show up as a slutty cop or Samurai warrior. But, why not show up in a costume that represents Abilene?

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    Frank Pain

    My friend's Kim and Dallas have both dressed up like me on various Halloweens, I still have plenty of animated looks that can be duplicated any given day.

    Heck, spray your hair orange, get drunk and tell everyone you're me.

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    Vinnie Paul

    While VP isn't as famous as I am, he's still a very colorful character (born in Abilene) that would be fun to imitate on any given Halloween.

    You'll need his signature cowboy hat, sporty shades, jet black hair, and chops lined out in stripes. Can't forget to carry some drumsticks around with ya.

    While you won't be as cool as Vinnie Paul, you'll have an awesome costume.

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    Holy Roller

    It's no secret that Abilene has a church on every corner. Throw on some roller skates and wear a cross and you too can be a holy roller.