Recently, I told you about me and a friend talking about which Metallica album we thought was the best one. My friend said he liked 'Kill 'Em All' the best while I said 'Master of Puppets'. So, I decided to ask you which Metallica album you thought was the best one and you picked 'Master of Puppets'.

41% of Abilene think 'Master of Puppets' was the best Metallica album. Surprise, surprise!

Honestly, I didn't think it would be this close.  'Master of Puppets' is not only one of the best Metallica albums, but, one of the best metal albums of all time...and one that had lots of influence on me.

The closest to 'Master' was '..In Justice For All' with 21% of the votes.  Check out the complete breakdown.

So, did Abilene get it right?

Ponder that while we jam some old school Metallica.