I absolutely LOVE Creed and I have since day 1. Not to blow smoke up your ass but I was a big part of the reason that My Own Prison was played early on rock radio. Hell I even have a platinum plaque for My Own Prison in my house. That’s how much I have loved the band Creed since the beginning.

Which is why it hurts me to say that after watching this promo video for their new tour I almost don’t want to see them in concert again. Now I have met all the guys more than once, and they’re really cool people. Yes even Scott Stapp is a really nice guy in person. I hung out with him in his dressing room at a show in Oklahoma City for half an hour doing an interview and shooting the shit. And as Wes will tell you Mark Tremonti is one of the coolest guys on the planet.

This video for their upcoming tour, however, kind of makes them look like super-star assholes. A too big for their britches kinda deal. It just evokes the douchey-ness that everybody slammed Creed for towards the end. So watch this and tell me if you would go to see them do their early, not-so-douchey albums live or if you’re just over it.

After their last tour it seemed like EVERYBODY was over it. Hell they were giving tickets away for free to over half of the shows because nobody was buying them. My question is this: Will this tour redeem them or just further enforce people’s ideas that they are over-hyped and done?

Oh and they’re working on a new album. I hope it doesn’t suck.