Metal today has a love/hate relationship with the concept of being tongue-in-cheek. In the '70s and '80s, plenty of it came naturally and bands certainly leaned harder in satirical and dramatic directions, at least for their music videos. Both Unleash the Archers and NASTY are restoring the lost art with their latest video odes to both song and silliness. And you can vote on the best one!

First, let's get familiar with both bands before diving into their outrageous videos for "Faster Than Light" and "666AM."

The Band: Unleash the Archers

Shimon Karmel

The Song:

"Faster Than Light"

What You Need to Know:

Track suits haven't significantly factored into a music video this much since early on in Korn's career. Ironically shot in slow motion, the band takes off running around a school track and soccer field.

Long sleeves, short shorts, high tube socks and bouncing hair are the hallmarks of this video, where downed runners (members of the band) are offed by a yellow-jacketed gunman. Keep in mind, the band is from Canada, where gun violence isn't as problematic as other parts of the world. Somehow, they all survive though and watch the remainder of the race from the bleachers.

"Faster Than Light" comes from Unleash the Archers' recently released new record, Abyss. If you haven't seen the video for the title track, we highly recommend you go further down the rabbit hole of absurdity. Well, wormhole, actually. You'll see...

Get your copy of Abyss here.

The Band: NASTY

Matt Ojeda

The Song:


What You Need to Know: 

All hail the green screen! "666AM" from NASTY is the ultimate WTF montage and inadvertent tribute to late '90s computer graphics. The place to start is usually the beginning, but that's not possible when you're confronted with two-and-a-half-minutes of absolute randomness that would cause the average Tumblr user to short-circuit and collapse on the floor.

We're talking Superman-style flying through vortexes of fire, CGI skeletons bursting into flames, upward falling and a wholesale reinvention of headbanging we'd like to hereby dub "bodybanging." Okay, now we're back at the beginning with the bodybanging. If this takes off, baggy jeans are making the comeback of the century. Instructions: grab the loose textile at the knees, hinge at the hips and whip your body back and forth like you're trying to send your torso flying across the room.

The song is taken from NASTY's Menace album, which will be out Sept. 25. Pre-order your copy here.



Unleash the Archers, "Faster Than Light"

NASTY, "666AM"

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