If you need a back story on this, you can check out my previous blog HERE.

And Buzz also wrote a blog about the fan film that's in question HERE.

Quick rundown, a guy did a Darth Vader fan film and got upset when Disney took all the money.

News flash: Disney owns all that s***. They spent $4 billion to own the rights to it. And they have the ability to do whatever they want with it. Is it a douchebag move by Disney? Hell yes it is. But it's not necessarily wrong.

You are creating a movie based on something you didn't create. You are at the mercy of those that own the rights to all of it.

The sad thing is, it's a great movie. Incredibly well done. This guy has legitimate talent. Rather than spend so much time and effort into something involving characters you don't have the rights to, create your own characters. Then you can do whatever you want.

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