Editor's note: The video below was originally published in 2009, we've learned, but is just going viral this week. It's a must-see.

Two kids are dead after they perished in a Memphis, TN. house fire. But what will surprise you in this story is what one relative is concerned about minutes after firefighters discovered the bodies of the kids.

The children, ages 2 and 3, were left alone in the house by their mother and aunt, and when they received word that the house was on fire they rushed back to the residence, but it was too late.

Neighbors tried to rescue the kids from the fire, but the flames and smoke did not allow the neighbors to enter the house. Immediately following the discovery of the bodies, the aunt of the two children expressed concern for her purse, which was still in the house. According to the children's relative, her food stamp card was in her purse, and that's what seemed to be her big concern immediately following the discovery of their bodies.

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