Well, we spent the month of October supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and now we shift our attention to Testicular and Prostate Cancer Awareness with No Shave November.

Basically, No Shave November is when guys begin the month clean shaven then toss the razors for a month and grow out the facial hair. I guess it's comparable to the pink ribbon campaign in October.

Honestly, the 4 of us are still pretty new and ignorant to the whole No Shave November campaign, so we did a little research, talked about it and jumped in feet first.

However, as you can see by the pictures, I'm the only one clean shaven.

Listen to Chaz, Sanchez, Michael and myself talk about No Shave November on The Men's Room

Are you gonna join the guys on The Men's Room and stop shaving for November?

Check out our 'Day 1' pictures below. We'll update them each week.