I try to keep The After Buzz limited to about a half hour, but there's just been too much to talk about recently. Here is what was covered on this week's episode.

  • The Portland Trail Blazers are on their way to the second round, which is drastically different than my prediction of them getting swept out of the playoffs. And it was all thanks to Damian Lillard, who is hopefully going to start getting the credit he deserves.
  • Someone in the Facebook chat during the MoSho this week mentioned Dotty letting Kit win at the end of A League of Their Own. With as many times as I've seen that movie, I never once thought Dotty let her win.
  • Should there be an age limit on tackle sports? I don't have a definitive answer, but I'm leaning towards yes, there should be.
  • I have lots of video game stories including:
    • How my group of friends and I ended up with the name COC, or Code of Conduct.
    • Just what is "balls, balls, balls, nuts in your mouth."
    • And who in the world is Frank Sharples?
  • And to wrap up I have a couple stories from my time in Eugene, OR working for KNRQ. Let's just say the main one involves my dropping trou in a Jack in the Box drive thru.

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