It's safe to say you can buy almost anything at Walmart, but kids are a huge no-no. One Texas woman figured she would give it a shot and found out very quickly that trying to buy a kid is not only illegal, but it's just plain stupid.

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According to KRIS 6 News, Rebecca Lanette Taylor allegedly approached a woman and her one-year-old boy in a check-out line at a Walmart in Crockett Texas. Taylor reportedly started complementing how blue the boy's eyes were and how much she liked his blonde hair. Seems pretty tame, right? But that is when things got weird.

Taylor then offered to buy the boy for $250,000. The child's mom thought Taylor was joking and laughed it off. But, to be safe, the mom waited for Taylor to leave the store. Once the mom was in her vehicle, Taylor approached her again and upped the price to $500,000. Once that didn't work, Taylor then threatened that she was just going to "take him".

The mom was able to drive off and contact the police who verified the incident through Walmart's security cameras.

Taylor was arrested and faces 10 years in jail if convicted for the sale or purchase of a child.

I've been guilty of impulse shopping before. You know you go into Wally World for one thing, and then you come out with a basket full of stuff, and your paycheck is gone. But, who just wakes up one day and thinks "you know, I think I'll go buy a kid today at Walmart"?

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