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New Redlight King Video
Redlight King are tackling the trials and tribulations of a generation with their latest single, 'Times Are Hard,' and if the song and its recent lyric video didn't tug at you enough, the band's new official video for the track is all but certain to move you.
Redlight King
Redlight King fans don't need to scour the web in secluded spots to find all the band's videos.
We've got em all right here.
Sick Puppies Interview
The Sick Puppies are coming to Abilene September 15th to help celebrate my birthday. So, Shim (singer/guitarist) called in to The Morning After to chat about life on the road, family back in Australia, the new album "Connect", and what he plans on doing after his life as a rockstar…
New Redlight King Video
Redlight King are coming to Abilene on September 15th, along with Sick Puppies and theObvious. Not only are they on a big tour, but they're also on the verge of releasing a new album. "Irons in the Fire" is set to come out on September 10th and from that album comes their first single for …
Sick Puppies Live Tonight
It's been a few years since the Sick Puppies have played in Abilene and they're set to come back to headline "The Painman's Birthday Bash". Redlight King will be making their return to Abilene as well in what's sure-to-be a night of debauchery and all-around goo…
Redlight King ‘Bullet in My Hand’ at #9 on the Top 10 of 2012
2012 was a great year in Rock radio. So great that we are going to count down the Top 108 rock songs of the year beginning at 7am on New Year's Eve.
Well, as we lead up to the countdown, we decided to give you a little preview of the Top 10 as we count down the Top 10 right here on our website.
Each d…

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