Panhandler Prank
Ever wonder what it would be like if a bunch of panhandlers got together and begged for money all at the same time - at the same location?  Well, wonder no longer as this panhandler prank on a subway in New York will have you laughing until you cry.
Chaz Gets Locked in Studio by a Broom [VIDEO]
I get antsy from time to time, and when that happens Chaz is normally the person that suffers from my "antsy-ness". We have this long ass metal broom that I can only assume is used for cleaning out of reach places like 2nd story windows and satellite dishes. Well, I found this broo…
Chaz Tests New Voice Activated Fax Machine [VIDEO]
There's not much more to say than take a few minutes to watch Chaz attempt to operate our new voice activated fax machine.  The funny part is that we don't have a voice activated fax machine, I just got a good idea from The Chive and took it much further than just a funny picture.