Slipknot are always Halloween-ready with their look and fans have nicked their masks for inspiration in the past. With a new album cycle, Slipknot are now officially selling masks from the We Are Not Your Kind era.

Each of the nine are represented with individual masks, though not all masks are equal in price. The Craig Jones spiked look is the most expensive of the bunch, going for $55. Part of the reason may have to do with the fact that the mask comes with a working zipper on the mouth and back and removable straws, making it a little more labor intensive in the creation.

Singer Corey Taylor's mask is going for $40. It has two faux leather straps, adjustable working buckles, studs and a drawstring cord. Each of the other member masks are selling for $35.

It should be noted that the masks are not guaranteed to arrive by Halloween, but you can always plan ahead for the next occasion where these would come in handy. Get your orders in here. See each of the masks below.

The Evolution of Slipknot's Terrifying Masks