As much of the world remains homebound due to social distancing measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, one Slipknot-loving father and son duo made the best of it. Dressed as an era-specific version of Corey Taylor, the little one did one amazing impression of the singer.

In the video clip below, the child completes the throwback imagery of the debut album era Taylor mask by dancing and miming to the band's early banger "Spit It Out."

The get-up includes a homemade microphone prop for the full Slipknot experience. The tyke's "Spit It Out" rendition is bound to entertain devoted Maggots worldwide. Hell, in the viral clip, even the family dog seems to be enthralled.

The awesome Slipknot routine comes courtesy of Kris Frost on Facebook. The parent is already proud of the number of views the video has pulled in. "Holy smokes everyone!" he wrote in an update to the clip. "Y'all all have made my son and I have such an incredible day. He is overjoyed at all the comments and shares, as am I!!"

The elder Frost also happens to be the drummer for a Texas-based hardcore punk band called Departure. In the updated message, he made sure to give his band a shout-out after the Slipknot kid went big on the Internet.

All that's left to do now is to find out what Corey Taylor thinks of the video. We feel fairly certain that the Slipknot frontman would be both amused and flattered at the tiny fan's spot-on stage impersonation. It reminds us of that time Jay Weinberg shouted out five-year-old drummer Caleb, who pulled off the best air drumming to a song that's not by Rush.

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