Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has auctioned off his Grammy medallion and certificate for the band’s 2006 single “Redneck.” The coveted medallion commanded a hefty $3,050 and all the funds will go to Blythe’s sister-in-law Bianca, who is battling Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer.

The medallion has a unique history and has helped raise money for a good cause in the past. Years ago Blythe auctioned off the same medal and donated the funds to Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy research, in honor of his friend Todd, whose two sons have the disease. A bidder won the auction and decided to give the medallion back to Todd’s kids to keep.

Todd decided to pay it forward when he learned about Bianca’s cancer diagnosis and put the medallion and certificate up for auction again on eBay to help raise funds for her treatment. Dan Rubino of Georgia was the winner of the auction, which closed yesterday and netted over three thousand dollars. And get this: Rubino told Blythe to keep the medallion to help raise more money in the future.

Blythe took to Instagram to share the moving story. “Going once, going twice... SOLD!!!!! My Grammy nomination medallion & certificate for the song 'Redneck' went for $3,050!!!!! Man, that was exciting!” He adds, “The winner of the first auction, one Mister Dan Gerawan of the great state of California, gave the medallion to Todd’s kids & said ‘Keep it!’ Years later, Todd heard about my sister-in-law Bianca’s GoFundMe for her breast cancer treatment, & decided to pay it forward & re-auction the medallion to help with her medical bills. Today, one Mister Dan Rubino of the great state of Georgia won the second auction for the medallion. After the auction, Todd called him & Dan said 'Don’t bother shipping it to me- y’all keep it & do what you want with it.’ FREAKING AMAZING!”

Blythe says that he and Todd will figure out a different good cause to use the medallion to help raise money. He shares that they are looking towards “a charity of some sort or a life-saving medical research foundation or something that will help others.” He concludes, “We’ve sold this thing TWICE already, & although both of the guys who bought it were big lamb of god fans, they didn’t keep it- they just wanted to help out someone else- there are still plenty of decent people out there that help renew my faith in human nature. I salute y’all!" See Blythe’s Instagram posts below.

The bronze Grammy nomination medallion was crafted by Tiffany & Co. and was awarded to Blythe for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, where "Redneck" was nominated for Best Metal Performance.

Click here to donate to Bianca Blythe’s Go Fund Me page. As of press time, over 31-thousand dollars has been raised for her medical bills.

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