Below is a video of Kirk Cameron saying some very silly things about recent weather.

In the minds of people like Kirk Cameron and Pat Robertson, hurricanes aren't weather phenomena caused by fairly well-understood natural factors. They are, in the Kirkverse, divine retribution from an angry bronze-age God on the people who have displeased him. Kirk's God exercises his wrath in a pretty haphazard way: sending a storm to do his dirty work on a population of the righteous and unrighteous alike. I mean, even Kirk Cameron wouldn't suggest that only bad people are affected by the ravages of Mother Natu...I mean, "God"...would he? Even worse, what if a hurricane spares a drug lord's mansion but destroys the home of the 80-year-old Sunday School teacher who's at church whenever the doors are open? What I'm saying is, if a hurricane is God's punishment, he's really painting with a broad brush.

By the way, Jennifer Lawrence didn't say that hurricanes are Mother Nature's wrath over Donald Trump. She implied it which is still kind of a bone-headed thing to do.

Thinking that everything bad (or good) that happens is God's will is a no-win situation because we're all going to have something bad happen to us. S*** happens. Consider this: Kirk Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio were both on Growing Pains. Leo is an Academy Award winner, one of the most in-demand actors in the world AND he believes in the scientific consensus of man-made climate change. Kirk Cameron is a multiple Razzie award winner, his pseudo-religious movies are awful and HE believes God decides when and where to send hurricanes. Using Cameron-logic, it's plain to see which Growing Pains actor God has chosen to bless and, by extension, who's take on climate God agrees with. See how much sense that makes?