The 'prince of darkness' could soon be losing his home.  Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne reportedly owe the IRS $1.7 million dollars.  I can see Ozzy biting the heads off of the IRS. reported that the IRS has placed a lien on their Los Angeles house, meaning if the Osbournes don't pay up soon, they're in serious danger of losing their home. Their daughter Kelly, 26, also owes the government money; TMZ reported that the state of California filed a lien against the actress for $34,000 last month.

That's crazy, man!

It looks like Sharon has made a few boo boos as she tweeted this friday:

"You can't rely on anyone but yourself. You have to be on top of your own business affairs. My fault..... lesson learned."

Seems like because of the marketing that Sharon has done for Ozzy, $1.7 million would be the change they found in one of their couches.

When are these stars going to learn to pay their dang taxes? Just look at Wesley Snipes or Nicholas Cage.  Their called accountants you geniuses.  Hell, you have more than enough money so hire one!

In any case, here is a video of Ozzy to represent what he is probably doing a lot of right now.