Britney Spears' hit single "Work Bitch" might just be the perfect theme song — and karaoke standard — for some tardy employees at one company.

In a viral Reddit thread, an anonymous person revealed their company's humiliating punishment to promote punctuality in the workplace.

The user claims employees who are late to work at their company are forced to serenade fellow co-workers as punishment.

"New job makes people who come in one minute late sing in front of everyone," the user wrote. "Good ole humiliation tactics."

According to the Reddit user, they have personally been publicly shamed into performing twice for the office staff.

"I'm still getting used to the commute, and the second time wasn't even my fault. It was due to the train being delayed," they continued. "Sent an email in advance, but that doesn't matter. We're still in training. So, what they do is [they] make everyone who comes in — even a minute or more late — sing, OR everyone in the room has to take a test like we're toddlers."

They added that the tactic is a "really effective way of pitting the rest of the new employees against 'the lates' and discourage[s] sticking up for one another."

"Getting great vibes already," they added sarcastically.

In the comments section, Reddit users were embarrassed for the employees, appalled by the poor management tactics and baffled by the company's culture.

"You must really need this job because I wouldn't even be able to take s--t like this seriously otherwise. Short of my kid starving, I can't imagine under what circumstances I could tolerate this (and I used to ticket cars, talk about taking a lot of abuse!)," one person wrote.

"Why are you complying??? Don't let them f---ing humiliate you. Sounds like a great way to waste time and not actually work. Who would ever think this is a good idea?" another commented.

Other joked about the situation and shared their go-to songs.

"I would be late every day and sing itsy bitsy spider. Every. Day," one user joked.

"The Song That Never Ends. Because it literally doesn't," another user wrote.

"Baby Shark. It was practically written for this type of situation," someone else offered.

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