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What's the scariest way to watch JAWS....sitting in the water in the dark! This summer you have a chance to check out JAWS (the original) and the sequels while sitting on an inner tube in the middle of Lake Travis.

The JAWS on the Water events are throughout the summer at Volente Beach Water Park on Lake Travis. You can spend the day having fun playing volleyball, hanging at the Lazy Lagoon, enjoying the beachside grill and bar or slithering down the slides at the water park and then enjoy the movie from the comfort of your inner tube.

Now it is possible that you will become a tasty treat for some scuba divers whose job it is to scare the swimsuit off of you! But never fear, it's all in good fun.

Everyone is welcome, although those under 17 must be accompanied by a parent. Doors open at 6pm and tickets are $55. The movie will begin just after sunset, because it's no fun if you can see the sharks coming!

For details on this exciting event check out the JAWS on the Water Facebook page for more details.

Now think about watching this while you're sitting in the water!!

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