Despite the hyperbolic headline, we really do have a problem here.

Texas leads the U.S. in the emission of greenhouse gasses. Even though California is way more populous, we're doing more things to pour gunk in the sky. In fact, we are pumping out twice as much as second-place California. It gets a little worse, if Texas was its own country, we'd rank 7th in the world.

It's very odd that we're not more concerned about this. I'm all about letting businesses do business, but it seems like you have to draw the line somewhere. It seems that it would be basic decency to "keep your front yard clean" if not for your neighbors, but for your kids and grandkids, and yet no one seems to care if we're making it harder to breathe.

We love to live by the motto "Don't Mess With Texas". That motto has somehow been subverted to mean "don't be up in our business", but its real meaning is "don't trash the place up".  I know some of you would actually be fighting mad if you saw someone dump a bucket of trash outside of their truck door, so why is everyone okay with garbage going into the sky?

I guess we do need to factor in that Texas is an incredibly huge state and that could account for what appears to be out-of-control pollution, but it's still very concerning that we aren't at least having a discussion about how bad it is.

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