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First off, Abilene is found in the Bible, it is a region of the Holy Land mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, thought to be taken from the Hebrew meaning "grass". The name Abilene came from the word Ablia which is in the New Testament of the Bible. Abilene is a region of the Holy Land, thought to be taken from the Hebrew meaning "grass".

Furthermore,  Abilene is considered to be a girl's name when you look into the "Baby Name" books. It's a name in Hebrew genealogy and is defined as a beautiful earthly character. Abilene means “stream,” “meadow,” and “grassy area,” Abilene is a very strong name and is considered an excellent name choice for parents who love being in the great outdoors.

Abilene, Texas was named by Texas ranchers who were wanting an Abilene to Abilene point for their cattle drives

Abilene, Texas has been called a "copycat city" because the Texas Abilene did get its name from Abilene, Kansas. The name was given because the ranchers that settled in Abilene, Texas wanted to have a starting, middle, and ending point for cattle drives. So they went from Abilene to Abilene to Kansas City.

Abilene can only be found in the United States and no other countries. There are 5 places in America named Abilene, and I'm proud to say that Abilene, Texas is the largest 'Abilene city' in America.

The northernmost Abilene is in Kansas. The southernmost Abilene is in Texas. There is also an Abilene, California and it happens to be the westernmost Abilene, and Virginia's Abilene is the easternmost Abilene.

While a couple of other Abilene cities have a bigger population in their county of origin, Abilene, Texas has the largest city population. Here are the statistics:

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

Abilene, Texas has a population of 125,355 and that number continues to grow every year. Abilene is the 27th most populated city in the Texas region and ranks as city number 213 in America. Abilene, Texas was founded in 1881. All statistics are from and Wikipedia.

Abilene, Kansas (our namesake) started as a city bigger than Abilene, Texas. Today the Abilene, Kansas population is only 6,460 as of 2020. Abilene, Kansas is city number 41,760 in America. Abilene, Kansas was founded in 1857.

Abilene, California has a county population of 476,492. That number is affected because of neighboring cities in and around Tulare County like Fresno, Bakersfield, and the Sequoia National Park. However, Abilene, California is city number 14,157 in America. Abilene, California was founded in 1891.

Abilene, Virginia is a small unincorporated farming community farming in Charlotte County, Virginia, and the county population is only 11,529. Abilene, Virginia is city number 126,796 in America. Abilene, Virginia was founded in 1890.

Abilene, Georgia is another small, unincorporated farming community in Georgia and the county population is only 118,228. Abilene, Georgia is city number 26,065 in America. Abilene, Georgia was founded in 1895.

Up until now, I had only heard of cities named Abilene in Texas and Kansas. It was interesting to discover that all of them are farming and ranching communities, too.

Photo by: Rudy Fernandez
Photo by: Rudy Fernandez

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