Thousands of spectators gathered at Wylie High School's Hugh Sandifer Stadium for the highly anticipated WesTex Connect Fireworks Spectacular on July 3rd. The event, held for the first time at this venue, promised a night of dazzling fireworks, music, and community spirit. However, it took an unexpected turn when a fire broke out nearby.

The fireworks show began shortly after dark, captivating the audience with its vibrant display. After nearly an hour of stunning fireworks, a wildfire ignited, prompting a swift response from the Abilene Fire Department. Firefighters rushed to contain the blaze, which started soon after the fireworks began. Several fire trucks were seen heading to the scene to extinguish the flames and manage hot spots.

The exact cause of the fire remains unknown, but witnesses reported seeing sparks during the fireworks display. One couple, parked near the old Lacks Furniture lot, mentioned that they saw sparks landing around Wylie High School's Fieldhouse.

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Thousands of Abilene residents and visitors from West Texas crowded the streets around Antilley and Buffalo Gap Road, parking wherever they could find a spot, including lots at Wylie Christian Church, Wylie Baptist Church, Wylie Elementary, Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union, and the old Lacks parking lot. Some even parked on the grass by jumping the curb.

As the fire broke out, many attendees scrambled to their vehicles to escape the chaos and the blaze. The scene quickly turned from celebration to confusion as people hurriedly left the area. One resident noted the sudden rush, saying, "It seemed like thousands were scrambling to get to their vehicles and get as far away from the blaze as possible."

Despite the scare, many neighbors and friends have shared drone videos and photos of the fireworks and the fire. One popular spot, the snow cone stand at the corner of Antilley and Buffalo Gap Road, was notably busy throughout the night.

Finally, the Abilene Fire Department and school officials suggested that the fire might have been started by a vendor's trailer, but investigations are still ongoing.

This Fourth of July will be remembered not just for the spectacular fireworks, but also for the unexpected fire that brought a sudden end to the festivities. Stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.

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