Casen Steele Riley was born in Abilene to Heather and Casey Riley, bringing immense joy and love into their lives. However, Casen's journey was marked by a significant challenge: he was born with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM, the second most common type of heart muscle disease, profoundly impacted Casen's life. Tragically, he lived only six months, leaving the Riley family heartbroken but determined to honor his memory.

In the wake of their loss, Heather and Casey Riley have channeled their grief into a powerful mission: celebrating Casen's life and raising awareness about children's cardiomyopathy. They established the Casen's Crew Children's Cardiomyopathy Golf Tournament, an annual event dedicated to supporting families affected by this disease.

Casen's Crew Golf Sold Out: Still Time to Donate and Support
Photo by: Casen's Crew

The tournament has become a beacon of hope and community spirit in Abilene. All proceeds from the event benefit the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation, directly contributing to research, support, and education efforts. This year's tournament has garnered overwhelming support, selling out completely. While no team sign-ups are available, there are still numerous ways to participate and donate to this worthy cause.

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Online contributions can be made easily through the QR Code donations or by visiting the Casen's Crew website. Your donation, no matter the size, helps fund critical research and support services for families facing cardiomyopathy.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for businesses to sponsor the golf tournament. To become a sponsor, please contact Heather Riley at 325-370-6379. Your sponsorship not only supports a vital cause but also aligns your name with a community-driven effort.

Other ways you can help are the auction, or by purchasing raffle tickets for only $10 each or three for $25, offering an affordable way to contribute while potentially winning great prizes. One can Purchase a fantastic item like "Casen's Crew" T-shirts, jewelry crosses, wristbands, and other memorabilia. These items not only commemorate Casen's life but also raise funds to combat children's cardiomyopathy.

Casen's legacy continues to inspire and unite the community in the fight against children's cardiomyopathy. Scan a QR code to show your support, or explore sponsorship opportunities. Together, we can make a difference. For more information, visit Casen's

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Join us in honoring Casen Riley's memory at the annual Casen's Crew Children's Cardiomyopathy Golf Tournament in Abilene!

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