With news hitting everyone today that Netflix will be increasing their prices yet again, I come bearing news that may soften the blow a bit. As an avid user of IMDb (Internet Movie Database) I was happy to see that they have just launched their own streaming service. It's called IMDb Freedive and it's absolutely free! It's currently accessible through the IMDb website and Amazon Fire TV doesn't require membership. While it's not available through the app, the company is looking to launch an exclusive app for it.

Because the service is absolutely free, of course the company does have to pay for this somehow which is why the films and TV shows will feature ad breaks. I know, we all hate ads, it's not ideal but have I mentioned it's free? As for their selection, it really isn't so bad. For TV shows  they have all of "Fringe" (which was a great show!) and all of "Gilligan's Island." Their movie selection isn't bad either but I'm especially glad to see that their horror selection doesn't suck either! You can choose titles like:

Prom Night
Night of the Creeps
Urban Legend
Rear Window (With Christopher Reeve)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Resident Evil Apocalypse
Single White Female
and my personal favorite:
Idle Hands

And I know this one isn't technically a horror film but they also have "Monster House" which is a great movie in itself! For more titles, check out IMDb Freedive for yourself!


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