It's a new year, which hopefully means the trend of non-headbangers wearing metal shirts is finally behind us. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea made what we hope is a send-off to the trend in an Instagram post on New Year's Eve, sporting the ever-popular and always controversial Cradle of Filth shirt with "Jesus is a cunt" printed across the back as she flipped off 2018.

The front isn't too bashful either (and is partially shown in the post) as a topless nun pleasures herself above the print, which reads "vestal masturbation." The band even joked on Facebook, "Any publicity is good publicity, right?" Maybe she's just excited over Cradle of Filth's New Year's Eve post, which thanked their fans for a great 2018 and previewed everything to come — it's a lot — in 2019.

While Cradle of Filth's latest album, Cryptoriana — The Seductiveness of Decay, was released in 2017, England's gothic black metallers have prepped a lot for this coming year, including two CoF beers, a return to "big, theatrical stage production values live" and even a branded makeup line. As for touring, they're plotting another U.S. and Canada tour leg, vow to make convention appearances and teased "exclusive themed shows," name-checking South America and Russia as well as mentioning summer festival in Europe.

Oh, and there's a new Cradle of Filth album in the works too and the group has targeted the Fall "for entering the sordid depths of the recording studio."

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