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We truly love hearing from all of you, especially with your dad jokes. Keep those coming so Chaz doesn't have to tell them anymore. I think he's getting sick of the looks I give him when he tells a crappy joke.

I digress.

In all seriousness, we have made it virtually impossible to not get ahold of us, so please keep those calls and comments coming.

Studio Line: 325-676-KEYJ (5395) - we primarily use this number for our morning show contests, like the Threesome and What's in the Box, but feel free to call us on this number.

Hotline: 325-244-6933 (325-BIG-OX-ED) - operators are standing by for your call now. Actually, we don't have operators, but you're welcome to call the hotline 24/7 and leave us your message. 9 times out of 10, your message will end up on our morning show - so make it funny.

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We really do love hearing from you guys and appreciate you being part of Abilene's favorite morning show. You are the real heroes.

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