As Buzz was doing the MoSho Calendar this morning, he somehow skipped over Judy Greer's birthday. Well, today is he 42nd birthday. So, I had to give one of the funniest people on the planet a proper shoutout. She's had bit parts in all kinds of the shows from playing Fatty Magoo on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, to a super horny scientist on The Big Bang Theory.

She did have her own show on FX called Married, but hands down, my favorite role of her's has to be Cheryl Tunt on Archer. So here is some "Best Of Cheryl Tunt" courtesy of FX Networks.

Another great role played by Judy Greer? How about Kitty from Arrested Development...

Video courtesy of jdittmerphoto.

Judy Greer has become one of comedians that will get me to check out a show, simply because she is in it.


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