We give Partners & Spade credit: they’re willing to make fun of themselves – and in a way that could take care of the rest of your holiday shopping list for all the people in your life that are impossible to shop for at the holidays.

For $.99, this New York studio will take a Polaroid of “any over-priced product in our store” and wrap it in a lovely box that reminds the gift-getter “It’s the Thought That Counts.” Sample items photographed include a trophy, an umbrella, and a motorcycle. Other gift ideas from the website include things like “a bag chip collection” — those little annoying plastic things that keep a bread bag closed.

This is perfect gift for the woman in your life expecting an engagement ring or the woman in your life expecting a gift at all. The nerve!

Does this gift encourage people to be kind of a jerk? Sure. But you’re no angel anyway. And we bet your friends aren’t either.

[Via Partners & Spade]