Donuts might be the most difficult thing for me to say no to if someone brings them into the station. And they usually leave the box right next to the door I walk out to leave, which makes it even harder.

Well, things just got kicked up a notch as Krispy Kreme has a pretty solid offer. And there's a Krispy Kreme right near my house on my way to and from work. So yeah, it's almost identical to being here at the office. The free donuts are right there. Taunting me.

How do you get the free donuts? Buy one dozen donuts and get a dozen glazed for free.

There is one small catch. You need to sign up for Krispy Kreme's rewards program online to use the deal and you can only use it once. But hey, it's free donuts. And if you don't want them all, I'll take them.


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