The metal world is still reeling from the death of Vinnie Paul, who passed away on June 22. While many fans, friends and admirers of Paul have shared their thoughts on his untimely death, some tributes are still rolling in.

Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren recently took to Facebook to honor the late Pantera and Hellyeah legend. "VP was an idol of mine back in the '90s. He was a huge influence on my playing," Wengren writes.

He also shares a great story about meeting Paul: "Ozzfest 2000 Pantera is on main stage and Disturbed 2nd stage. It was our first ever major festival touring experience. As a 2nd stage artist your laminates were restricted to certain areas. We met Vinnie and Dime. They welcomed us in to their dressing room regardless of what our passes said. They took us under their wing and showed us how to treat your fellow touring mates. It never mattered that they were headliners and we were openers. To them we were all brothers. We have continued to follow that attitude throughout our careers and treat our opening bands and crew as family." 

He adds, "We used to jam together whenever our paths crossed on the road. They would join us during our set when we would cover 'Walk.' I would have Vinnie play my kit and I’d join in on the floor toms."

Wengren concludes his heartfelt tribute writing, "To have met him was a dream come true. To become his friend was an honor. Vin I will be forever grateful for your impact on my life. Rest In Peace brother. Say hello to Dime for me. Until we jam again in the afterlife." Read the entire post below.

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