Those summer tour warriors collectively known as Dave Matthews Band have announced the title and release date for their eighth album. ‘Away From the World’ is set to drop on Sept. 11 via longtime label RCA Records.

What’s old is new again with DMB, as Steve Lillywhite, the man who produced the band’s first three studio efforts -’Under the Table and Dreaming,’ ‘Crash’ and ‘Before These Crowded Streets’- manned the board this time out. It was a successful formula, so it makes sense to revisit the relationship.

‘Away From the World’ is the band’s first studio platter since 2009′s ‘Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King.’ DMB have enjoyed five consecutive albums entering the charts at No. 1, so here’s to hoping the band enjoys a sixth chart-topping bow with their latest effort.

Pre-orders for ‘Away From the World’ are active at the band’s official site. Multiple formats are offered for both the discerning and casual fan, so you have a choice of CD, digital and vinyl.

Deluxe versions of the CD and digital editions, which boast three exclusive new live tracks, are available. The live cuts are critical for the DMB contingent, since the group’s concert culture and bootleg popularity is second to none.

But wait. There’s more. A super-deluxe edition will include the deluxe CD, a DVD, a 2012 tour photo book and more. Fans get bonused for pre-ordering, too. No matter what configuration is pre-ordered, the DMB faithful will be rewarded with five bonus tracks, recorded on the band’s current summer tour, upon release of the album. Even better, if you are a member of the official fan “association” The Warehouse, you get eight bonus tunes for pre-ordering. That’s what we call incentive!

Check out DMB’s tour dates here. The band has been playing ‘Mercy,’ the album’s first single, on their current tour. They’ve also debuted ‘If Only‘ in concert, and gave away ‘Gaucho‘ as an early release.

‘Away From the World’ Track Listing’:

1. ‘Broken Things’

2. ‘Belly Belly’

3. ‘Mercy’

4. ‘Gaucho’

5. ‘Sweet’

6. ‘The Riff’

7. ‘Belly Full’

8. ‘If Only’

9. ‘Rooftop’

10. ‘Snow Outside’

11. ‘Drunken Soldier’