So I finally gave in to peer pressure and got an iPhone.  This is the coolest phone I've ever had.  However, the auto correct function can be the cause of frustration...and laughs!

If you have an iPhone, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  You're typing a text message then hit send, only to find out later the auto-correct function inserted a word that wasn't what you intended on writing.

My neighbor has a dog named puddles...well, you can only imagine what auto-correct entered when she sent me a text about "puddles".  P - you know, right?

Well, apparently this happens to everyone.  So much that someone got creative and started a website called Damn You Auto Correct (  The site contains tons of screen shots of people who had auto-correct mess ups.

This is a very addictive site, so don't visit it until you have an entire day to waste.'re welcome!