Here are Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth's 13 essential Halloween albums.

A few years ago, Loudwire invited master of the macabre, Dani Filth, to partake in the annual October festivities, serving up 13 albums that are the definitive soundtrack to Halloween. He's quite the authoritative figure when it comes to this season and his selections are reflective of a wide appreciation for all that sounds and styles that can raise goosebumps, invite a fright and allow you to immerse yourself in the spectral realm.

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Each October, with great pleasure, we remind everyone of Dani Filth's Halloween essentials, hoping you'll add them in rotation before Halloween comes and goes. Now, here he is with the rest...

First off I’d like to bid you all welcome to my 13 Essential Albums for Halloween.

Secondly I’d like to say that this is my list. Just my humble opinion and not yours. So please, no after-the-fact comments about "Why is this album not on it?" and "Why is that album not on there?" I don’t honestly care — it’s my fuckking list!

Cradle of Filth's Dani Filth Picks 13 Essential Halloween Albums

The Cradle of Filth frontman provides the soundtrack to your Halloween.

Gallery Credit: Dani Filth

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