Halloween is THE holiday for metalheads. It's the one time of the year where the mainstream suddenly indulges their dark side, finding favor in eight-legged creatures and their silky death traps set for delectable consumption. Human remains, tombstones and monsters elaborately adorn yards and the inside of houses as ethereal spirits are welcomed along with autumn's cool breeze and touch of death as the natural world around us ritualistically dies in preparation for winter's icy grip. We invited Cradle of Filth frontman and master of the macabre, Dani Filth, to partake in the festivities as he serves up his 13 Essential Albums for HalloweenTake it away, Mr. Filth...

First off I’d like to bid you all welcome to my 13 Essential Albums for Halloween.

Secondly I’d like to say that this is my list. Just my humble opinion and not yours. So please, no after-the-fact comments about "Why is this album not on it?" and "Why is that album not on there?" I don’t honestly care — it’s my f--king list!

Thank Dani Filth for the soundtrack to your Halloween, preferably with cold hard cash, or at least with a bit of the ram.

And don’t forget to play Thriller!

Thanks to Dani Filth for his contribution. If you're looking to add a 14th album to your Halloween listening, pick up Cradle of Filth's newest record, 'Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay' at the Nuclear Blast webstore. To keep up with everything the band is doing and for a list of all their upcoming tour dates, follow Cradle of Filth on Facebook.

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