Forward-thinking metal band Chimaira are apparently slowly morphing into proggy death metal band Daath — which isn’t a bad thing, as evidenced by Chimaira’s excellent 2011 album ‘The Age of Hell,’ which featured Daath guitarist Emil Werstler (on bass) and Daath keyboardist Sean Zatorsky.

In a new post on Chimaira’s official website, frontman Mark Hunter announced that Werstler will now play guitar for Chimaira, Daath’s Jeremy Creamer will take over bass duties and Zatorsky will remain on keyboards. In addition, Matt Szlachta of Dirge Within will be Chimaira’s second guitarist.

“Fans already know Emil from the ‘Coming Alive’ DVD, the insane guitar solo at the end of ‘Samsara,’ and most recently on stage playing bass for The Age Of Hell tour,” Hunter said. “We are [also] proud to announce the addition of Matt Szlachta and Jeremy Creamer. The plan was to build an undeniable string section, and we have done just that.”

Chimaira recently released a free digital EP, ‘The Age of Remix Hell,’ which features tracks from ‘The Age of Hell’ remixed by Creamer.’ Hunter described it as Creamer’s ‘Way to say hello to the Chimaira fans.’

On Nov. 10, Chimaira guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt Devries announced they would be leaving the band at the end of the year. On Dec. 6, Devries explained why he left after more than a decade with the group. “Over the past year, I looked closely at what drove me, and asked myself where I wanted to go as both an artist and as a person,” he said. “What motivated me as a kid from Cleveland wasn’t necessarily the same thing that now drives me today as a man with a family. I realized that as much as Chimaira had defined my past decade and made me who I am today, it was time to explore my next decade of music, and grow into the person I need to be.”

Werstler, Zatorsky and Creamer are still listed as members of Daath on the band’s official MySpace page.

The Age of Remix Hell Track Listing:

01. Year Of The Snake (Dubba Jonny Mix)

02. Clockwork (Hunter Mix)

03. Year Of The Snake (Allinaline Mix)

04. Losing My Mind (Allinaline Mix)