Yes, the old man has filed his retirement papers with the NFL - again.  I think that this time, it is for good. I mean, how the heck could he possibly come back for another year?

I was a bit of a Favre fan and always had a lot of respect for him- until the last 3 years.  Favre jumped over to the Jets for a year, then to the Vikings for 2 years.  Retiring, then come out of retirement, then rinse and repeat.  It got old and it left me feeling bitter towards the future Hall of Famer. Each year, I saw him getting older, less mobile and it seemed to me that he was playing with desperation.  Then the texting scandal where he allegedly sent some nude pictures of himself to some hot reporter.  (She is hot, no doubt,  and who wouldn't want to send a picture of their junk to her) Regardless, Favre's legacy has been tainted a bit, needless to say.  I still think Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever be under center even given the fact that his last 3 years (with exception to his career year last year with the Vikings) have been less than stellar.  Love him or hate him, he is Brett Favre.  Super Bowl winning, MVP, record breaking, Brett Favre.

Here is a video of some of the best Brett Favre moments.

Here is the sack that pretty much ended it all for Favre.