Black Sabbath's enigmatic mascot, "Henry," has been a come-and-go figure throughout the band's history. It's almost as mysterious as the unknown woman on the band's debut album cover and many fans believe a recently shared concert flyer from a 1975 gig is Sabbath's first-ever use of Henry.

While the band may be inactive, their social media presence is anything but, digging deep into the archives to pull out select photos and memories from events and moments from the anniversary of whatever the current date may be. El Paso radio station 95.5FM KLAQ noticed that three days ago (Aug. 26), Black Sabbath looked back on Aug. 26, 1975 to a show in El Paso, Texas with special guest Brownsville Station. Adorning the poster was "Henry," the winged figure that some fans interpret as an angel while others see a demon, the latter holding more water thanks to the devilish tail and satyr-like horns.

As mentioned, the origin story of Henry is one of mystery. What seems certain, however, is that this was Sabbath's first use of Henry, and he later gained more notoriety. It is rumored that the mascot was featured on merchandise for the Technical Ecstasy tour, though this has not been widely authenticated.

It's been more widely reported that the tour for the following record, Never Say Die!, more readily presented Henry to the masses on merchandise.

Henry was also featured on the album cover for the Black Sabbath offshoot Heaven & Hell and their one album, The Devil You Know, which was released in 2009.

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