Texas rockers Flyleaf will be playing at the Lucky Mule on November 18th. Ahead of the show, bassist Pat Seals called in, and we talked about the show, their new lead singer Kristen May, and their latest EP 'Who We Are'.

In 2012, the band found themselves at a crossroad when lead singer Lacey Sturm left the band. Facing adversity, the band never missed a beat when new lead singer Kristen May stepped in to fill some big shoes.

Bassist Pat Seals explained:

"Kristen walked in just in the right moment, and we did a couple of tours, wrote a ton of songs, and I think she was a missing piece we really need it and she killed it live."

Pat went on to explain the process of getting a new lead singer, how the fans reacted to Kristen May, their show at the Lucky Mule and what's coming up for the band Flyleaf.

Listen to my entire interview with Pat

For more on the band, check out their Facebook page and their official website. And, get ready to check them out live November 18th at the Lucky Mule.

Here's a couple of videos of the band performing some familiar Flyleaf songs with new singer Kristen May, and, personally, I think she nails it.

'All Around Me' With Kristen May

'Fully Alive' With Kristen May