What is said to be a controversial pain-relieving drug, nicknamed the Jesus Shot, has been brought into the spotlight due to Sid Miller, Texas Agricultural Commissioner.

In February of last year Miller took a trip out to Oklahoma and wrote off at least $1,120 as a work expense for meeting with local lawmakers and industry leaders. An investigation into Miller's trip has officials to believe his true purpose for the trip was to get a "Jesus Shot" from an alleged convicted felon names and traveling physician, "Dr. Mike"

The "mysterious formula" is said to be a "mixture of two anti-inflammatory drugs (Dexamethasone and Kenalog) and Vitamin B12,"

Recipients of the shot say it has worked wonders for them. The Buzz Adams Show even had a caller share her testimony on the magic of the mysterious shot. She said she has never felt better! Miller told Express-News that the shot "worked out good" but has neither confirmed or denied that he received the shot during the February trip. 

The reasoning behind the nickname Jesus Shot comes from "Dr. Mike" originally known as Dr. Lonergan, according Fusion.Net:

33 years ago I had a friend with severe allergies and asthma. He could no longer work outside and was losing income. I prayed as I drove to his house, asking for help. I believe Jesus answered that prayer with this formula I use with FDA approved ingredients.”

A mysterious formula that people are happily pumping into their bodies does seem a little sketchy, but I've seen enough superhero movies to know it could cause some super powers.