At Rock 108, we have our very own 'cougar', Jules, that is ready to help you guys out. How many times have you had a love or dating question but were afraid to ask your friends? Well, you can ask these questions in complete anonymity and the cougar will answer them here and on The Morning After.

Our cougar, Jules, has overwhelming experience in the world of love, dating, and 'relations', so we guarantee she'll offer up just the advice you're looking for.

This week Jules has some advice for a guy that's wondering what he needs to do different to get further than just being the good guy for girls to talk to.

From: Garage-a7x-monkeyslayer76 Slayerwayne76

Dear Jules, now, I have tried many so to call, noticing strategies, I wear nothing but band T's "and nothing panzie-style, I wear strait up A7X, disturbed, pink floyd, G&R, and ac/dc shirts... I wear wranglers, and Osiris shoes... Now, im 17, all my "girl-friends" think that I'm a good guy and should find a girl, but problem is... None of them pay attention in that kind of way... So I will ask, WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?

Dear Garage-a7x-monkeyslayer76 Slayerwayne76

You're focusing on the wrong things to find a relationship. Your clothes are perfect! There is nothing more sexy than a guy in a Pink Floyd shirt! It sounds like you are being too good of a guy. Girls always have their “guy friends” that they go to about everything except a relationship, and it sounds like you are just that guy for them. Stop being that guy! Don’t be a jerk, but don’t be their adviser anymore. Be the man they wanna hook up with! Be aggressive, don’t be afraid to tell a girl how you feel. Girls like a man that knows what he wants and goes after it. Keep Rockin. I know you will find her.

Much love to you!



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