Andrea Meyer, who guested on albums by black metal icons Cradle of Filth and Satyricon and released Pagan ambient folk music under Hagalaz' Rundedance and Nebelhexë, was reportedly one of the five people killed in a bow and arrow attack in Kongsberg, Norway last week.

Espen Anderson Braathen, a 37-year-old Danish citizen, was arrested after opening fire in a supermarket, shooting arrows at shoppers before taking to the streets of a nearby neighborhood where the violence continued as Braathen targeted people on the street and in apartments, as reported by the Associated Press.

A total of five people were killed and an additional three were injured in the attack where Braathen is suspected of having used three weapons. Among the victims was Meyer, a 52-year-old German-born musician, actress, writer and model who was also the former wife of Emperor guitarist Tomas 'Samoth' Haugen, with whom she shared a daughter, Alva.

Meyer contributed vocals on Cradle of Filth's 1994 debut album, The Principle of Evil Made Flesh and was featured as the spoken word artist on "The Dawn of a New Age," the opening track on Satyricon's landmark 1996 record, Nemesis Divina.

"Andrea guested on our debut album The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh and also modelled [sic] and danced for us onstage as well as presiding over ritual back in our formative years. ⁣She will be sadly missed and our deep felt love and sympathies go out to her kith and kin," write Cradle of Filth on Instagram (see post below).

Most notably, however, Meyer rose to prominence with her own music, recording three albums under the moniker Hagalaz' Runedance, which focused on ambient folk music from the multi-instrumentalist singer. Other projects found her putting out albums as Nebelhexë, Andréa Nebel and Aghast Manor.

Loudwire extends our condolences to Andrea Meyer's friends and family.

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