With a name like Teddy Bear you think of a sweet, soft, cuddly animal not a porcupine. However, this porcupine's name is Teddy Bear and just from watching this video you would never know he was full of prickly quills. Teddy Bear is seen here talking and enjoying a small pumpkin. You kind of just want to pick him up and hug him.

Teddy Bear loves pumpkins and the whole time he's eating this one he's making these adorable noises. I don't speak porcupine so I don't really know what he's saying but my guess would be that more pumpkins should be brought to him immediately. He seems to 'talk' the whole time he's eating. Super cuteness!!

Watch Teddy Bear Devour a Pumpkin

You can find more cute Teddy Bear videos on YouTube or on Teddy Bear's Facebook page.