What would you do if you just won $1,000 just for listening to the radio? That can actually become a reality with our cash contest.. So, if you won the money, how would you spend it? Here are 5 ways to blow $1,000 in Abilene.

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    Gas, Lots of Gas

    $1,000 can buy well over 250 gallons of gas. Stock up on gas so you can escape this place this Summer.

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    Bitchin tattoos get you laid. 'Nuff said.

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    There's nothing like the feeling of shooting a new gun.

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    Proper sustenance is necessary when hiding from the Zombies. 400 McRibs sounds like proper sustenance to me.

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    Theatrical Makeup

    If it wasn't for the kid on Zombieland, Bill Murray would have survived the Zombie Apocalypse because he blended in with the Zombies because of his bad ass makeup. Get this stuff and survive the Zombie Apocalypse.