Dear Journal,

Tonight I have a basketball game. We play tonight, instead of Saturday. I might not play though, because my shoulder has been hurting me a lot lately. On Friday night, Taylor is having a birthday party. His dad is giving everyone fifteen bucks each. We get to spend it at the mall any way we want. My mom still isn't sure she wants to let me go, because she thinks that all we are going to do is hang out a the Electric Palace. That is a video arcade in the mall and that is where a lot of drug dealers go. Yet I know that we won't go there because Taylor doesn't like them. Would you let me go if I was your son? Taylor says that we could reach every store if we hurry. But I only want to go to the sports stores. They have some awesome Twins stuff in the mall. Tonight, Do Severson was supposed to perform at the Civic Auditorium, but he fell off a horse and his doctor told him not to travel. Mr. Kvech was going to go but I guess he can't.

Holy crap this entry brought back all kinds of memories, but unfortunately I don't remember if I went to the birthday party at the mall or not.

The Electric Palace was strange. It was technically in the corner of the food court. And one of the reasons it was a hot spot for drug deals was it was so damn dark. Yeah, there was light from the arcade machines but that was it.

And FINALLY, I think we have the first instance of me having shoulders problems. If you don't know this about me, I have had 3 shoulder surgeries. One in 1996, one in 1999, and most recently this past January. I've always battled injuries. Especially around my middle school years because I grew so damn fast. I dealt with something called Osgood-Schlatter, which is something that happens in your knee during a growth spurt. That kept me out of many baseball, basketball, and soccer games.


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