Dear Journal,

I am beating my grandma at UNO. I now lead the series ten games to six. Today we played four games and split the games two to two. I got my haircut yesterday. He cut it nice and short. Tonight I am going to my sister's football game that she is cheerleading at. I kind of have practice tonight. There won't be a coach there but we are going to scrimmage with just an adult there. This morning I had a feast in health. I brought broccoli and Jeremy Bliss and I were the only ones who ate it. I are tn avocado and it tasted like vomit. I felt like my stomach had imploded. The only one who liked them was Bob Khoo, but he was the one who brought them. Everybody around me thought I was crazy when I ate the broccoli.

Interesting how some things change, and others stay the same. I still love broccoli. I was always that kid that would make his way to the vegetable tray at a party when all the kids were eating cake.

But my tastes have certainly changed in regards to avocados. LOVE THEM now. Love me some guac or just an avocado.