You didn't think we were talking about 'getting high', did you? That stuff is still illegal in Texas. Primarily because our leaders aren't educated on the benefits of marijuana/hemp/cannabis.

But, there are places you can, literally, get high right here in Abilene.

According to Emporis, here are the 10 tallest buildings in Abilene. Not like we have much of a skyline, so these shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

  1. Enterprise Tower
  2. Hotel Wooten
  3. First Financial Center
  4. The Windsor
  5. Prosperity Bank Building
  6. United Centre
  7. Alexander Building
  8. West Texas Utilities Building
  9. 502 North Willis Building
  10. One Petroleum Place Building

Here's to hoping that our leaders can remove their heads from their rears and make progress in the legalization of the hippie cabbage.