Ok this is where we get down to the question, “is it selling out or not?” ZZ Top debuted their new single “I’ve Got To Get Paid” in a commercial for Jeremiah Weed beer.

So here are the arguments for both sides.

Selling Out:

1. Their using an original song in a commercial.

2. They are featured prominently in the commercial itself.

3. They actually hand the product in question to customers in the commercial, a personal endorsement of said product.

4. The title of the song “I’ve Got To Get Paid” sounds like they’ll do anything for a buck.

NOT Selling Out:

1. It’s a commercial for beer.

2. It’s a cool commercial.

3. They might actually drink that brand of beer, therefore not selling out simply for cash, but endorsing a product they prefer.

4. It’s a new and until now unheard song, so they’re not playing off of previous fame for a quick buck.

5. The title of the song, “I’ve Got To Get Paid” kind of throws a disclaimer on the whole thing doesn’t it?

Either way you choose to fall on this, the spot is pretty freakin’ sweet. Check it out.