Obviously, there isn't a city on the planet that doesn't have bad streets, but it seems to me that Abilene does a bang up job with bad streets. Whether we're talking about congestion, road conditions, non-stop construction or just bad planning, we have quite a few bad streets in Abilene. We even asked you guys your opinion and got quite a few colorful answers on our Facebook page.

  • Pine Street

    It seems Pine Street takes the cake as the worst street. The street condition, from North 1st to Ambler, is always terrible. There's constant construction and the drivers don't seem to be too smart when traveling that road. Not saying all of the the drivers that commute around the Pine Street area are dimly lit, but I've seen quite a few of them sit at green lights, take up multiple lanes, and drive erratically.

    We asked our Facebook fans what you thought about the street conditions and Jennifer Englert, April Davis, and Amy Thompson all agreed that Pine Street was one of the worst in Abilene.

    April Davis
  • South 7th Street

    South 7th is one of the worst streets in Abilene in terms in the condition of the street, but my primarily complaint about 7th is the intersection of South 7th and Leggett. There is the most ridiculous dip at that intersection and regardless of your speed, you're gonna go flying and bouncing anytime you go through. There is a bright side to that intersection...the sparks that you see flying from underneath cars when they bottom out at night. According to our Facebook post about bad streets in Abilene, Vanessa Dennington agrees that South 7th and Leggett is an intersection to avoid.

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  • South 1st Street

    Our radio station is basically located at the intersection of South 1st and Leggett so we get to see everything that goes on there. I'm not exaggerating, that intersection has to be one of the Top 5 worst in Abilene in terms of accidents. South 1st is fairly busy, but not busy enough to cause as many accidents as we see. Honestly, I think there are invisible aliens that reside at that intersection and they frequently jump in your car in order to cause wrecks.

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  • Southwest Drive

    Southwest Drive is flat out terrible, from the Winters Freeway all the way past Wal-Mart. Granted, the city did try to alleviate some of the congestion with adding lanes and expansion but it's still a very congested street. The drivers are dang idiots as well. It seems they'd rather cut you off as they swooped into the Shops at Abilene or Wal-Mart than they would pay attention to oncoming traffic. I can't count how many times I've had swerve and miss oncoming vehicles in my lane. Based on his response on our Facebook post about this topic, Ryan Marchi agrees that Southwest Drive is one of the worst in Abilene.

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  • Buffalo Gap Road

    Let's face it, from the point that Sayles turns into Buffalo Gap Road all the way out past the Mall of Abilene, that road is terrible. I don't know the actual stats, but it has to be the highest commuted street in Abilene, so with all those travelers comes bad road conditions and congestion. I take that road all the time and cuss it every time.

    Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
  • South 14th Street

    I never really thought about it, but the reason Sherri Schweigert hates South 14th is because of all the lights.

    Honestly, I think it's one of the most poorly designed corridors in town and then it was made worse when the genius' with the city decided to add the median 3 blocks east of the freeway. Couple that with the design of the area around South 14th and Barrow and you have yet another horrible street in Abilene.

    Can't blame it all on the street design team though. Some of the businesses along South 14th were smart enough to dump their parking lots onto 14th right at the light. It's hard enough getting on South 14th (from a parking lot) away from a light, but can you image the congestion on the street along with those trying to funnel their way from a parking lot onto the street right by a red light? Insane.