There is a saying in playing Texas Hold'em Poker: "Never rejoice until you cross the river". In other words, don't ever count your chickens before they hatch or you might end up looking like a fool. Watch as poker player Carter Gill taunts David Paredes, then loses the hand and makes probably one of the saddest faces you'll ever see.

If you're a serious poker player, then there is no doubt that you know about the World Series of Poker as well as some of the well known players like David Paredes and Carter Gill. The two ended up going head to head on a hand with Carter drawing an ace and 10 unsuited, while David Paredes drew an ace and queen. An ace and 10 flop out on the table giving Carter the best hand. Knowing this, Carter, who goes all in, began to taunt David until he calls the bet.

What happens next is priceless as David gets the hit on the river card giving him the high two pair and the million dollar pot over the taunting Carter.

Watch Carter go from happy to sad and shock in a matter of seconds.