Since changing their name from the Washington Senators to the Texas Rangers back in 1972, there have been plenty of great players who fans have dubbed as their favorite player.  Recently, Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez retired as a Ranger and I mentioned that he was one of my favorite Rangers players ever, but now I want to know who your favorite Texas Rangers player of all-time is.Like I said, 'Pudge' has always been one of my favorite Texas Rangers, but many former and current players have not been too far behind.  Nolan Ryan, Michael Young, Rafael Palmeiro and Ian Kinsler all come to mind for me.  I like 'Pudge' for his loyalty, his professionalism and the fact that he was an awesome catcher.  I looked up to Nolan Ryan because I was a pitcher myself, plus, when he put Robin Ventura in a headlock and punched him repeatedly, we all found out how tough the dude was.

So, for me, it's really a hard decision as to who my favorite Texas Rangers player was ...I like them all.  But, if somebody said there could only be one, I would have to say 'Pudge'.

I got quite a few calls, but click the play button to hear what a few of you said:

What would you say?  Who is your favorite Texas Rangers player of all-time?